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Results Executive Consulting (REC) exists to provide superior customer services to our clients. Our goal is to establish a lifelong relationship with each valued partner. REC works relentlessly to become vested partners in the improvement opportunities that make our clients successful, competitive, and comfortable within their markets. REC will assist our clients in meeting and exceeding their full potential by realizing sustainable results.

Private Patient Advocacy and Navigation Services

Why do patients need advocates? I thought doctors, nurses and other providers offered those types of care and services?

Healthcare is increasingly complicated and confusing  to navigate. Doctors, nurses and other providers find constraints on their work and abilities that preclude them from being devoted to focusing on one patient’s needs. Few patients ever get everything they need in the time frame they need it in.

 A private advocate/navigator focuses on that one patient at a time who needs his or her help. 

When a patient faces difficult debilitation, complex medical needs, or a life-compromising (or ending) illness, a private advocate may be a life saver.  No price can be put on the peace of mind that comes with having timely, well coordinated health care attention, and correct information to make informed decisions.  


  • Orchestrated Care and Discharge Process Delivery Model™ 
  • Private Patient Advocacy and Navigation Services
  • Care Coordination/ Case Management
  • Legal Nurse Consultation
  • Patient Safety and Risk Management Services, Process Development,  New Risk Management Staff Onboarding/Mentorship
  • Performance Improvement Modeling
  • Root Cause Analysis and Failure Mode Criticality Analysis Services and Staff/Leadership Training and Development
  • Shared Governance Structure Development and Implementation Services with Staff and Leadership Development
  • Assertiveness Training
  • Leadership, Nursing and Clinical Management Education and Development
  • Magnet Designation for Nursing Implementation Services
  • Nursing Peer Review Services and Process Development
  • Physician Peer Review Services and Process Development

About Us

Tamara L Awald RN, BSN, MS, HSA, MBA, CPHRM, NEA-BC, LNCC is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Results Executive Consulting (REC) LLC. Tamara founded REC in December 2009. With an extensive background  in health care senior executive leadership, operations, medical staff quality, case management, risk management and performance improvement, Ms. Awald established REC as a logical transition from hospital and home-based leadership to a free standing consulting firm equipped to provide clients the tools required to take any process, legal case, or organization to the next level. In addition, Ms Awald has developed subject matter expertise and understanding of the legal world that few nurse professionals have achieved. Tamara is recognized by others for her intuitive interpersonal and communication skills as well as her high level critical thinking abilities and transformational servant leadership style. Ms Awalds' experience lends itself to the success and growth of REC.

Orchestrated Care and Discharge Process Delivery Model™

Orchestrated Care and Discharge Process Delivery Model™  is a service provided for patients that actively engages patients and family members in the care decisions that are important to them on a daily basis. Patients and families become the center of the patient care team that engages with a multidisciplinary team of expert health providers to guide daily treatment focus and coordinate patient care needs.  This includes a focus on achieving  optimal clinical outcomes and preparation for discharge